Tableau Tips - Volume 17 Data Tips

Here is the 17th installment of Tableau tips. This volume specifically focuses on tips related to editing data source, data view, analytics in Tableau.

#10 - Show Summary Card

Right-click on any area outside the chart, select Summary to show additional information of marks on Tablea canvas. This includes Average, Maximum, Minimum, Medium of the data set. Also, select any marks on the canvas and the summary card will dynamically change.

#9 - Add Additional Summary Field

More information like Standard Deviation, First and third quartile, Skewness and Excess kurtosis can be added to summary card in tip #10. When finished, select copy and paste onto any text editors for further usages.

#8 - Fast Totals from Analytics Pane

This tip is another huge time saver that I like as I do not need to click Analysis & Totals & select each one every time I want the total amount in a table. All I do is click the Analytics Pane and drag the Totals to table. You can also choose subtotals, column or row grand totals or do all three at once.

#7 - Copy Values from View Data Window

On view data window, select any rows or columns, CTRL- C and paste into spreadsheet for further usages.

#6 - Quickly Add Table Calcualtions to Data Pane

Do this with duplicated fields that you modify or an inline calculation on the fly. Simply drag the pill to the data pane to create a new field and then rename it as need.

#5 - Export Data Source

Right-click on any data sources, select Export Data to CSV to quickly create a CSV file on your desktop. Re-named as needed.

#4 - Move Columns in View Data Window

Click and drag columns as needed in view data window for better organization.

#3 - Pivot Data from Data Import Window

There are always occasions we need to pivot data fields in Excel as needed before importing into Tableau. Next time, multi-Select columns using Shift or Control. Then right-click and select Pivot. Rename your columns accordingly.

#2 - Quick Data Split

Same with tip #3, this saves a step preparing data in Excel. Right-click on the column and select Split. Tableau will use the default split on the columns.

#1 - Replace Data Source

Add the new data source, right-click on the old data source and select "Replace data source". Select the old and new and replace them. Then close the old one. Great way to replace Clipboard with a Spreadsheet.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions feel free to email me at Jeff@DataPlusScience.com

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