Tableau Tips - Volume 18 Brief Tips

Here is the 18th installment of Tableau tips. This volume compiled and features tips that are brief yet encourage people to work with Tableau in a smart way.

#10 - Clear Axis Title

Double-click on the Axis Title and remove the text from the Title. When it's empty the Title and Subtitle will disappear.

#9 - Move the Columns and Rows Shelf

Move the Columns and Rows shelf (Pages, FIlters, Marks, and Caption too) by dragging and dropping. This is helpful when teaching Tableau training and showing how the Columns are the X-Axis and the Rows are the Y-Axis.

#8 - Move Back Z Order

Lines on top of dots? Right-click on secondary axis & select "Move marks to back" to move dots on top. Notice the order of the marks card does NOT change. I prefer another method which is tomorrow's tip.

#7 - Leap Pill to Change Z Order

Leap From a Pill to change the Z-Order of the Marks. Lines plotting on top of dots, leap frog the pill to put the dots on top of the lines. I prefer this method to preserve the marks card order.

#6 - Enter to Replicate Double-Click

Don't want to damage your mouse by double-clicking too much? Use Enter instead. Simply click on a pill and hit Enter.

#5 - Create Dual Axis

Create a dual axis by dragging a pill to the secondary X or Y axis, where a dotted line will show up to drop it. Be sure to synchronize when needed.

#4 - Copy Paste Data

This is a very cool trick as it helps you quickly analyze any data currently on the view. With your view opened, CTRL-C and paste into Excel or any text editors.

#3 - Copy and Paste Values into Custom List Filter

Can we quickly filter 30 CA counties from yesterday's tweet by Governor Newsom? We sure can! Copy them & paste into a "Custom List" filter in Tableau. Be sure to check your data (LA = Los Angeles).

#2 - Clear Columns and Shelf

Clear the Columns and Rows shelf and Filters and Pages with the click of a button. Alternatively, you can right-click on the shelf and select "Clear Shelf".

#1 - Order of Double Click Operations

Double-Click pills to automatically place them on the Tableau canvas. I call it the "Tableau Order of Double-Click Operations. Very heplful to save your a few steps in many scenarios.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions feel free to email me at Jeff@DataPlusScience.com

Jeffrey A. Shaffer

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