Tableau Tips - Volume 20: 12 Tips before the 12 Days of Christmas

This is a special edition of Tableau Tips Volume to mark the end of this very strange year. If you've been following along this year then you already know that I have published a total of 194 daily Tableau tips since March. I am planning on sharing more tips in 2021, but for now, here is the 20th installment of Tableau Tips featuring 12 tips from 2020 that I think you'll find useful.

#12 - A New Solution to Remove the ABC from a Text Table.

Some called it a Tableau Cheat Code, others a Konamy code for Tableau and one person wrote "this has got to be the hackiest hack of all Tableau time". Whatever you want to call it, it's another way of removing the ABC from a text table. CTRL-RIGHT-ARROW 3X, drag the column border as thin as possible, then CTRL-LEFT-ARROW 5X. Abracadabra, the column is now gone! Format->Cell Size->Text Cell to reset.

#11 - CASE Statement Maker Calc.

Need to populate a long list into a CASE statement? Here's a Calculation you can use to do it for you.

  //CASE [Sub-Category]
  str("WHEN '" + min([Sub-Category]) + "' THEN " + str(index()))

Drop calculated field on the canvas, copy it from the data window and paste into new calculated field.

#10 - Populating Parameter List from Range.

When you Edit Parameter and select List, it's blank. But if you select Range first and then click List then it will populate the List for you.

#9 - CTRL-C to Copy Data.

Use CTRL-C to copy with any pills or data on the canvas, then paste those values with CTRL-V.

#8 - Solving Your Marks Card Frustration.

Have you created a dual-axis, synchronized and the Marks Card wouldn't stay put on your selection? ARGH! Select the pill on the rows/columns to lock it in and then it will stay.

#7 - Download all Custom Shapes from a Tableau Workbook.

Visit Matt York's website and add his bookmark to your Chrome browser. On any Tableau Public Viz, click the bookmarked button and it will download a zip file of every shape.

#6 - Using Animated GIFs.

Create an HTML page and use the GIF as a background image. Host the page and then place a Web Page Object on your dashboard using that web page. You can download my Rainy Day viz to see how it works.

#5 - Double-Click to Add a Quick Filter.

Simply double-click a dimension to add it to the filters. Combine with multi-select using SHIFT or CTRL key and then double-click for additional filters.

#4 - Adding Quick Color.

Drag the X or Y axis or any pill to the chart area to quickly add color.

#3 - Move the X-Axis labels to the top of a chart.

There is an option under the "Analysis" menu, click "Table Layout" and then "Advanced" and uncheck the box "Show innermost level at bottom of view when there is a vertical axis".

#2 - Four Quadrant Color Using Annotations.

Annotate Area and size the box as needed. Right-click to format, color-pick the color legend color (or desired color) and set the opacity slider to 15%. Note normal Mark selection only works when published.

#1 - Create a Single Color Quadrant Scatter Plot.

Right-click to edit each line and Fill Above (or below if needed) w/ background color (ex. white). Then right-click on the chart area and format the worksheet pane. This will color the remaining square.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions feel free to email me at Jeff@DataPlusScience.com

Happy Holidays and stay safe everyone!

Jeffrey A. Shaffer

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