Presentations and Workshops

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Presentations and Workshops

Mr. Shaffer is available for presentation and workshops, primarily focused on data visualization and Tableau. He has presented as a keynote speaker, track speaker, panelist and hands-on training in a workshop format.

  • Data Visualization Fundamentals

    We begin with the fundamentals of data visualization and visual perception.

  • Data Visualization Best Practices

    Content focuses heavily on data visualization best practices.

  • Interactive Data Visualization

    Topics include advanced data visualization techniques and interactive visualizations.

  • Tableau

    Be sure to check out our Tableau Reference Guide,
    a large collection of online Tableau resources.

  • Tableau Visualizations

    Mr. Shaffer is has developed methods for creating many advanced chart types in Tableau, including sankey diagrams, node-link tree diagrams, family trees and venn diagrams.

  • Advanced Tableau

    Pushing Tableau to the limit, he has integrated voice recognition, voice response and gesture controls into Tableau using the Tableau Javascript API as well as combining Tableau with reveal.js and deck.js.

  • Data Mining

    Mr. Shaffer studied data mining at the graduate level at the University of Cincinnati and went on to teach data mining at the University of Cincinnati Center for Business Analytics.

  • Data Mining with R

    He has published many tutorials on using R, including geocoding, geo-optimization,
    gender analysis and parallel processing in R.

  • Tableau and R Integration

    Mr. Shaffer has been working with R in Tableau since it was first released in beta. He has developed real-time traffic, geocoding, gender analysis and geo-optimizations applications in Tableau using R.

What People Are Saying

Rated 4.8 out of 5 (benchmark of 4.15)
     “Jeff was insightful, helpful, and very entertaining.”
     “This was probably the best run course that I have been involved in.”
     “Great presenter!”

Rated 4.75 out of 5 (benchmark of 4.15)
     “Jeff's presentation was, by far, the best part of the course.”
     “Content was fantastic and presented in a way that helped the concepts to stick.”
     “Great introduction to the course and opened my mind to a new level of thinking.”
     “The visualization component was by far the most successful piece of this course.”

Predictive Analytics Conference, speaker
     “This man is a fantastic communicator.”
     “Jeff Shaffer bringing down the house with interactive visualization. #savedthebestforlast”

Business Intelligence Symposium, speaker
     “Fantastic presentation…enthralled, entranced and entertained!”

Data Mining in the Real World, workshop facilitator
     “Fantastic subject matter knowledge.”
     “Could tell these guys really know their stuff. Worked well as a team.”
     “Demo in Tableau was very good!!!”

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Presentations and Workshops

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